Bershka Love

27 October 2011

Bershka is a shop I knew of, but always overlooked. That is until a couple of weekends ago when I went shopping with Abby. She took me in and showed me some great items, and I am now a complete Bershka convert. The prices are low, yet the quality is fantastic - what more could you want from a high street shop?! When I'm teaching, there isn't a Bershka near me, so it's either online shopping (yey for their new online shop!) or Plymouth when I'm down seeing the Sailor.

Here are a couple of items on my wishlist:

Like what you see? Postage is only £3.95 - no excuse not to do a little online shopping! I am buying at least 2 of the 4 items here next week!! I need them in my life asap! Does anyone else love Bershka?

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Ive never even heard of this brand, browsing their website now though, they have some lovely pieces!

  2. the favour has been returned by you showing me this knit dress! I love it and it MUST be mine hehe :D xxx

  3. Ive never heard of it! I am going to browse now! :D I love the chinos and the knit dress. xxx

  4. Loving the Chinos and the Blouse!!

  5. I really love Bershka! I had never heard of them until I moved to Malta and it's one of the only reasonably priced high street shops here. Their stuff is so funky and can be quite edgy which I love whilst still being affordable- WIN! xx

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  6. In France they are quite pricey, I usually shop there only when they're doing sales. But I have a huge soft spot for their bags/shoes!

  7. Love the fur jacket & the chinos!! xx

  8. I love Bershka. I went shopping for a leather jacket last year and stumbled upon many in Bershka and for a fantastic price.
    They do have wonderful clothing pieces and I wish we had one in Ipswich. I miss the one in Plymouth, well I miss the mall entirely!!



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