Wishlist #5

16 September 2011

Last day of my Weekday Wishlist series, and today I'm featuring printed tees. Underneath that gorgeous knitted jumper or cardigan is a t-shirt and I love having feature tees that might give people who don't know you a snippet of what you might be like.

*1. I think this tee says a lot about me. It's a bold statement, but something I stand by. When you love someone, make sure they know it. Love is everything. £18.00

*2. Ok so this could have been included on Wishlist #2 (Animal Themed Fashion) but it's on this wishlist. My love with foxes continues and this tee is so simple yet striking. Another great tee by ASOS. £18.00

*3. This top stuck out to me because I have a photo of my boyfriend and I doing exactly the same thing. We're both matching our brogues up together except mine are a couple of sizes smaller. It makes me smile so much. £50.00

*4. One of my favourite animals in the whole world are tigers. I absolutely love them and one of my dreams is to work with them. It's a far off dream but I hope to do it all the same. I have a couple of tiger print tees but I particularly love this one from Therapy. £16.50

*5. This tee has been seen on a number of celebs and it's been on my list for a while. Conveniently it's now down in the sale! Hurray! £22.00

*6. Now, as many are aware, I am obsessed with Disney - I will NOT grow up just yet, and so this tshirt fits me just perfectly! The washed out effect is just fab! I think I have 4 disney tees, so I might as well round it up to a nice even 5 ;) £26.99

So that is my Weekday Wishlist series complete! It's been great fun to do and I now have a wishlist as long as both my arms put together, but at least it gives me something to work for. Hopefully some of you will have seen some items they may be interested in too. 

I would also like to say a quick thank you to all my followers to getting me to 150 followers. I never ever thought I would get anywhere near this, and it does mean so much to me. Your comments and tweets mean so much to me. Thank you all very much!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. I've always loved a funky T with an icon or saying that says a little about me. I actually have the fox face one in my asos wishlist haha!

    i used to have an awesome tshirt with a dinosaur wearing glasses saying nerdosaurus - i still mourn that top! xx

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  2. Omg I want nos.1,5+6 so badly! Maybe these could go on the birthday list! Have loved these posts :) x

  3. I don't know why but 2 is my favourite, such a simple idea but I love it


  4. I like the fox tee. I like owls, but foxes are pretty cool too! xx

  5. Cute section. Really like Number 1


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