Wishlist #1

12 September 2011

Everyday this week I will be giving you my wishlists for this A/W, featuring a different type of item each day. Today is Monday, and today is coats.

*1. This tan coat from Asos is just stunning in my eyes. I love double breasted coats, and have a weakness for coats with pleats in, so this just fits the bill. PLUS, with the added leopard print (and we know how much I love leopard print!) this is ticks every box. £95.00

*2. I actually have a Barbour wax coat but I'd like to invest in a new one. These coats are absolutely timeless and if you look after them, they last for literally decades. Perfect for anyone who loves walks in the forest with family, friends and dogs! £179.00

*3. To me, this is just the perfect faux fur coat, and it's leopard print! Biba have got it so right with the oversized collar and I love the fact the coat seems to be the perfect length: it isn't too long but isn't too short. I could wear this coat to everywhere I go. Get in my life! £195.00

4. 5.

*4. I can see this coat being the perfect item to wear to and from work, or to and from a nice meal or event, like a big Christmas party or New Year. It's an interesting play on a normal coat, sort of mixed with a kimono style belt and a big drape collar. Absolutely gorgeous.  £95.00

*5. Oh Ralph Lauren. My love affair with RL will be eternal. This riding style jacket is just stunning. Match it with skinny jeans, a stripy shirt, tan boots and you're ready to go. The suede collar is just divine and the tailoring is beyond beautiful. Everyone should have a jacket like this in their wardrobe. £260.00

So those are my A/W coats that are on my wishlist. Hopefully I will get my hands on at least one as I look forward to buying a new Winter coat every year. Let me know your fave coats for A/W. 

Have a great week and stay tuned for tomorrows wishlist!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. I love that first one, the leopard print is a nice touch, and the third one, but that could be because the model is so GLAMOUROUS! x
    Sirens and Bells

  2. So cool! The second one is my fav!!


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  3. I'm hunting down the perfect coat too! Biba ones this season are amazing!
    Lovely blog.

  4. i want coat number 1 pls - it is amazing x

  5. really like the 4. and 5. coat/blazer :)

  6. Like them all!!


  7. I'm a bit leopard print crazy at the moment so this is right up my street!

  8. #4 is my favorite, so chic!

  9. Looks great and I wouldn't mind owning these either!

  10. I love, love, love the black one. Really like the leopard print ones too.


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