Trind - Miracle Nails!

7 September 2011

We are all on the search for a product which makes our nails stronger, less brittle and makes them grow beautifully without breaking if we catch them on something...maybe I have the answer! For those who don't know about this product, I'd like to introduce you to Trind. 

Trind is a Dutch company which focuses on hand and nail products. They have been active since 1988 and are now making their way into bigger stores and salons all over the world. Trind focuses on nail health more than anything, and making your nails more moisturised and stronger. This is where my favourite nail product comes in play: Trind Nail Repair Natural.

Trind states that the unique formula of this nail strengthener matches the protein molecules which 'create a rigid structure that makes the nail stronger'. The importance in Trind Nail Repair is that the moisture in your nail stays locked in, meaning that your nail will not lose its suppleness and keep its colour (no-one wants the yellow tinge!).

Now I know there are a lot of nail strengtheners on the market, but my mum and I have not found anything quite so amazing as this formula. Forget Sally Hansen, forget OPI - if you're after a nail strengthener that works, try this formula!! Since using Trind, my nails have never been so strong, ever. And the rate that they grow is quite amazing! My mum has now introduced Trind to her salon and her clients have all given it great reviews!

Trind recommends applying the formula daily for two weeks, and once a week after that to upkeep the moisture in your nails. I URGE you to try this. You can generally buy Trind products from good pharmacies but I doubt it will be too long till they are in big stores. They also do a whole load of nail polishes and nail care products so check it all out! The price for 9mls is generally around £10-13 but varies on different stores.

Check to find your local seller and for more information. 

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Ooh this looks interesting, I might have a look into this as my nails are so weak and break really easily :(

    Zoe xoxo

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  3. My own natural nails are horrible, maybe I should give this a go!x

  4. Oooh I'll have to have a look at this, my nails split at the top easily, I have no idea how to prevent it! x
    Sirens and Bells

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  6. fab review!


  7. Great review, this really does sound like a great product :)


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