making memories #1

22 September 2011

Every so often I think I'm going to share some of my fave current photos. I won't do like a week in photos, just a couple that have been taken within the last few days and make me happy.

My 'His and Hers' pillows - I love these so much. They were from Urban Outfitters and were given to me by my boyfriend to have on the bed whenever he gets to stay (he's in the Royal Navy, but I shall save that for another day!). The blue italic writing is relaxing and romantic and matches perfectly with the bold pink sheets I have. Absolute love.

This my lovely people, is my shower curtain. Isn't it the coolest shower curtain you have ever seen?! Cartoon drawn animals..what could be better? It's always a nice sight in the morning when I'm having my shower and getting ready for work, and puts a little smile on my face.

A bottle or two of Chablis, shared with my boyfriend last weekend, relaxing and chilling, watching tv, candles on, having a laugh and enjoying each others company. You can even see a glimpse of a photo of us in the background. We only usually get the weekends together, so it's important for us to enjoy our time together, and this photo says a lot. I wouldn't change our relationship for the world.

Hope you've made lots of good memories in the last week.

-Tamsin xxx


  1. That shower curtain is fab! xx

  2. Me and my boyfriend only get the weekends together too :( sucks but we're getting a place next year so not all bad! Really makes you appreciate them though when you don't see them often!

  3. everything in this post is fab, the pillowcases, the shower curtain and the wine/candle! fab idea for a post. I love urban outfitters you can get some really cool stuff in there x

  4. Love the pillowcases they are so adorable and chic! The shower curtain is really cute too I'd love something like that, did you buy it or was it already in your place?

    It's nice to hear you really appreciate the time you have together, it must be so hard being apart so often xx

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  5. I know how you feel hun, especially with having someone you love in the forces.
    I love that shower curtain, I want one!!! XD


  6. The shower curtain is fab! Where can I get it? Thanks, x

  7. The shower curtain is fab! Where can I get it? Thanks, x


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