Johnson's Facial Routine

10 September 2011

As you may know, I am a huge lover of the Johnson's products. I use everything from the bubble bath to the moisturiser, the baby wipes to the body wash, and the list goes on. I just wanted to show you my daily morning facial routine, and the products I use..namely, Johnson's!

The two products I have been recently using is from the new Daily Essentials range. I have been using the gentle exfoliating wash and the nourishing 24hour day cream. In the mornings, I will splash my face with water and then apply the gentle exfoliating wash. It has teeny tiny exfoliating beads that you can hardly see, but can feel gently scrubbing at your skin. The consistency is not too thin and not too thick (which I like because I hate feeling like I'm caking my face in thick product) and the smell is typically Johnson and smells fresh, cottony and baby like!

After I've washed the exfoliator off (and patted my face dry) I then apply the 24hour nourishing day cream. Now I love this day cream because it comes in a glass tub. I don't know about you, but having things in a glass tub makes me feel like I have a much more luxurious product than when it's in a tube, also because you can get more of the product out and don't have to spend ages squeezing the dregs. The moisturiser has SPF 15 which is an added bonus. Consistency is very creamy, and from the minute it's on your skin, you can feel it doing it's job. The smell is, again, typically Johnson, and leaves you feeling refreshed.
Apologies for quality of this photo. Not sure what Blogger has done to it! Stupid Blogger!

I am absolutely in love with these products. I cannot praise them enough. The 24hour moisturiser really does stand true to it's claim I think. I honestly feel that my skin is a lot softer and supple when I wake up in the mornings, even with heat and make up etc. The price is even better. The day cream is £4.07 and the exfoliating wash is £3.15 - to me this makes my products even better; they work and they don't break the bank in any way!

The Daily Essentials facial care range is quite big now with a variety of creams and washes (they also do a 24hour night cream for those who like to have moisturiser on at night) and there is a lovely deal at Boots at the moment which is 2 Johnson's facial products for £5. If I were you, I'd run down there and immediately stock up..I know I have!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Ooh I've never tried their stuff before - not recently anyway, apart from their face wipes, but I think I might have to, these look good! x
    Sirens and Bells

  2. seem good products! Will look after them!

    following your blog now! check my fashion blog when you can :D

  3. Why did we not see the finished product?

  4. I love the 24hour moisturiser!!!! xx

  5. I personally don't like Johnson's products because of certain ingredients used in them. However, Europe has hundreds more banned chemicals than in the states for use in cosmetic products (what is wrong with my country?!) I'm happy they work for you, what a bargain! :)

    I have never seen these Johnson's products here either, didn't know they existed! Johnson's Baby products are popular, but my baby has eczema and Johnson's is one of the worst things to use :(

  6. I use Johnsons Baby Oil after every bath and shower and love it.



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