Viva La Juicy!

27 August 2011

It's common knowledge that I am a complete Juicy Couture girl. Many people associate Juicy with their tracksuits, but they are so much more than tracksuits. You only have to check out their website to see what I'm talking about or pop down to one of their stores. Much like my last post with Boux Avenue, Juicy Couture are all about making the customer feel number one, which is what every customer should feel. Anyhow, I popped to Juicy Couture the other day and couldn't resist a new purse for the Winter (my Burberry purse is going into hibernation for a few months!)

I usually am a lover of big purses but this one holds so much that it's perfect for any handbag. With the grey, pink and diamantes, I couldn't resist. Perfect for the Winter I think! I have yet to fill it with all my various bits and bobs but I can't wait to use it. Juicy purses are always good value for money. I think purses are similar to shoes - spend more and they will take you further. Juicy purses definitely do this and I will always have one in my collection!

Hope you're having a great Saturday, and don't forget to check out my giveaway - it ends on Wednesday!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. good buy, love it!!

  2. Love the purse! I have my heart set on a Juicy Couture bag for my 21st! x

  3. This is beautiful - I love it! xxx

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    Being used by many celebrities worldwide, hence it’s a must buy for all.


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