Putting the 'oooh' in 'Boux'

26 August 2011

About 3 weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win a giftcard from my favourite lingerie and nightwear shop - Boux Avenue. Today, my mum came running into my room with the box I'd been waiting for, so here's what I found inside!

 Boux Avenue cardboard box

Boux Avenue signature box inside

Look at my little congratulations card!

Have you ever seen such beautiful packing for a giftcard?!

My giftcard!

I think that is what you call a fabulous prize! The packing, detail, scented petals, congratulations card and the individual box the giftcard comes in is just exquisite and really shows Boux Avenue for what sort of company it is. But first, a little information on the company for those who may not know of it.. 

Boux Avenue are a new outlook at lingerie, nightwear and swimwear. We all know how annoying it is in La Senza, House of Fraser or whatever to try and find your bra size, all the hangers get tangled, they fall on the floor, and then your size isn't even there! Boux Avenue have a different approach. They hang a few samples up of a particular design of bra for example, and in chic and classy drawers below, they have all the sizes labelled, and you go into the drawer yourself and take your size out. What could be more practical AND fabulous?!

Boux Avenue really does focus on what the customer wants, and oh how successful this approach is. They won me over the first time I walked into the store and I wont buy lingerie from anywhere else now. Think romantic, chic and comfortable..yes those words can all be associated together, and this is Boux Avenue!

There are only 6 stores around the country at the moment: Lakeside, Bluewater, St Davids Cardiff, Trafford Centre, Meadowhall and Glasgow, but after seeing their packaging, who WOULDN'T want to order online! Website is www.bouxavenue.com - I suggest you get online and have a browse ladies!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. You are so lucky! It is packaged beautifully! Look forward to what you get with it!!
    x Jess SparksandFireworks.blogspot.com

  2. love your blogg



  3. the packaging is beautiful woowwwww :D

  4. The presentation of this for a gift card is absolutely fabulous, so beautiful. Going to check out this website now :)

  5. yeah, that is one hell of a wrap job. so chic! i'm going to look at this website now too. thanks for the distraction! i'm following!


  6. This sounds so fab, I'd never heard of them before. I'd have been very excited to that in the post. I will definitely check them out.

  7. Great packaging goes a long way. I love lingerie stores that are not victoria secret, thanks for posting.

    Liz Lizo

  8. Wow, they really put a lot of time into the gift card wrapping! :) The drawers are kind of how Victoria's Secret stores are arranged over here in America, but the quality of the bras isn't that great! As someone who used to sell lingerie, I always appreciate stores that really cater to that market with high quality items, so thanks for sharing~ <3

  9. Such cute packaging! I'm having a wee browse through the online store now :) xx

  10. The store looks incredible! They obviously really care for their customers :) x

  11. Wow this is packaged beautifully for just a gift card! What fantastic service.

  12. Can't believe I've never heard of this place before, it looks beautiful! xx
    Sirens and Bells


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