Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel

2 August 2011

I was doing a bit of sorting for my holiday essentials today and came across my almost empty bottle of Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel, and decided it was going to be my blog post today. 

Claims: 'Moisturises dry, rough and weathered skin. Aloe Vera Gel is known to help moisturise and soften skin that has been exposed to the elements (wind and sun)

Aloe Vera Gel by Banana Boat has been an essential of mine in our family since I was little. I remember always complaining that after sun was too creamy, especially after a hot day in the sun, and since then, aloe vera gel has always been in our suitcase. It comes in a fabulous big bottle holding 453g (although you can get a smaller bottle for 250g) and has a handy pump for easy use. It is meant to moisturise and soften skin exposed to the sun, and I can honestly tell you that it does just that. 

The great news is that it can be used for all skin types, so no worrying about if it might make you break out etc, as it wont. Plus, you can use it all year round as a moisturiser. However, I use this primarily as a summer product. Soothing is definitely the word for this gel. When the gel goes on, it doesn't melt or run, and rubs in very easily leaving no residue and isn't sticky - perfect! It contains pure Aloe Vera leaf juice and has a refreshing fragrance to the gel. In the Banana Boat aloe vera collection they also sell a spray gel and an aftersun lotion.

Top tip! - It is a fairly cold gel naturally, but we like to put the gel in the fridge in the summer so after a hot day you can cool down your skin (especially if you're big tanners like we are!) and it is absolutely gorgeous and cooling on the skin!

You can buy the large 453g gel bottle from boots for £8.16. It might not seem the cheapest of aftersun/gel but I cannot praise this gel enough. The bottle is HUGE and will easily do a family for a holiday, and you will come back with it half full. It lasts for ages and is well worth the money, and of course, well worth the soothing feel it leaves your skin in after a day in the sun.

I am certainly buying a new one tomorrow in time for my holiday this weekend!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. I LOOVE aloe vera, I always burn in the most awful places so this is a godsend, never tried the Banana Boat one though, i think I might invest!

  2. I have this in the side of my fridge - see my 30 day challenge what's in my fridge post LOL! I keep mine in there so its super cold, feels great then if you get sun burnt or are just too hot and want cooling down! Great review hun xxxx

  3. Im avoiding the sun this year, but if i do ever get burnt, i now know what to use! lol :P :)

  4. I wish I could say this was helpful but as I'm not going on holiday this year I have no need for it :( although I try not to get burnt obviously my skin does feel really tight after sunbathing so this does sound like something I need when I go away next year! Thank for your comment xx

  5. @Jade - I would recommend this everytime! x

    @Mel - mines in the fridge too. Nice and cold! x

    @Rachinald - not much sun in the UK atm really ;) x

    @Rebecca - I'd defo recommend this for when you do go away, and you're most welcome! X

  6. oh my god this always helps when im sunburned... amazing stuff

  7. I used to use natural aloe vera but its impossible to find any this summer! If we ever get some sunshine (its august and we're still waiting!) I may have to pick up one of these :) xo

  8. This is one of my favourite products! It's fantastic for most skin types and is so cooling, I also keep mine in the fridge and I use it after a hot bath as well as after sun.

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