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23 August 2011

As for all of us beauty lovers, a trip to any supermarket isn't complete without a quick browse up the beauty and hair aisles. Yesterday in Sainsbury's, I got crazy excited when I came across this amazing deal for some hair products, and I thought I'd share with everyone what I found in case anyone else is interested.

The products I came across were by an upcoming hair stylist called Phil Smith. Sainsbury's were doing a deal for 2 products for £4, and considering some of the products are just over £4 at £4.09, I thought this was a massive massive bargain and couldn't say no. I decided to go for a mixture of products so I could get an all round idea of Phil Smith and his products.

I decided to try the Shine Brilliance shampoo and the SOS Daily Defence conditioner. The Shine Brilliance shampoo claims to add shimmer and shine to your hair and contains proteins and vitamins to keep it gorgeous all day long. The SOS Daily Defence conditioner claims to restore and protect hair when styling by using meadowfoam seed oil. Each bottle is squeezy at the end and holds 250mls, so at £3.99 each, I think this is great value. I cannot wait to use these!

The other two products I got were the Super Straight Leave Me Sleek serum and the Dry Clean Shampoo. I picked up the dry shampoo instead of a mousse or hairspray as I am in love with Batiste and love what dry shampoo does. Like most dry shampoos, it claims to revitalise in between washes. This is the only product I've tried yet as I spritzed my hair with it this morning and I can say that I am very impressed. The smell is just divine, it really is, and you didn't have to use much for it to take effect. You get 75mls in these bottles. 

The Super Straight Leave Me Sleek serum is the usual size of most serums and I always wear serum after straightening my hair and swear by it. I am really looking forward to trying this product as I usually use a Pantene serum as I have for years and it will be nice to have a change. You get 50mls in this bottle, but serums always last a fairly long time.

The shampoo and conditioner retail at £3.99, the dry shampoo at £2.99 and the serum at £3.99. it all should have tallied at £14.96 so I made a saving of pretty much £7!!! As a starter offer, this was too good to say no to and I cannot wait to try all the products properly. I absolutely love the bright and pastel colours used and the bold labels, and it all seems very good value for money. The only thing I would love is the dry shampoo to be bigger (especially after the new big Batiste bottles) but if it works, I am happy to pay £2.99 for it each time.

I will post a review on each product fully after I've used them all. I am so excited about using these products and urge you to run out to Sainsbury's and try them yourself! At 2 for £ can you say no?!

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-Tamsin xxx


  1. That's a really good offer. I have heard of Phil Smith too (Wondering if it was in Boots?). Great bargains, can't wait to see what you think of them xxxx

  2. This is the first time I have come across your blog, good review :)
    I will have to pop into Sainsbury's now! that's a really good offer and I'm more into hair care and skincare than make-up these days, I stick to what I know with make-up and like to mix it up a bit with the haircare!
    You have a new follower :)

    Jessica x

  3. My friend uses Phil Smith, but i didnt know it literally had something for everyone!!

    Hopefully you'll love my giveaway! Ends Wednesday at Midnight! Take a look :) <3

  4. Great offer, looking forward to reading your reviews.

    Sadie xx

  5. Hey,

    Great post - have you posted the reviews yet? I can't find them?



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