Bodycon Love

7 August 2011

Bodycon skirts are one of my favourite wardrobe items. I think I have about 8 different bodycon skits, but below are just a selection of my faves. Below I have a basic black, black and white striped and navy and tan striped.

Bodycon skirts are so popular I think, because they are genuinely so wearable. I've worn my black one for work with pretty shirts, or with baggy jumpers. I love wearing the b&w striped one with a bright pink tight Zara top, and the tan and navy one with a nude top and a cardy. You can totally mix and match them to suit your mood, and where you're going. What's even better, is that you know you can wear bodycon skirts in the winter with tights, leggings or on a night out with boots, or in the summer with some sandals and a baggy top etc. They are so, so wearable.

You don't have to look far to find bodycon skirts. H&M sell them incredibly cheaply for about usually £3.99....this isn't going to break anyones bank for a wearable everyday skirt. Topshop also sell a variety of bodycon skirts that suit people's fashion tastes. 

I've put together a few links that might interest you with various skirts, particularly bodycon skirts that are in the shops at the moment. 

New Look
Funky Divaa

Hope this has helped or given you a reason to go shopping! (Like you didn't have a reason already!) ;)

-Tamsin xxx


  1. I have about 3 or 4 black bodycon skirts, and I don't even wear them that often! Although I will agree that they are very wearable! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  2. They really are versatile aren't they, I have one that I've worn on a "night out" and I can also wear it shopping/visiting family!x

  3. lovely skirts, i've some similar yours!

  4. I love bodycon skirts! And dresses!! I love them. Great post x

  5. I love bodycon skirts too, so flattering! x

  6. they are lovely skirts! :)

  7. Bodycon skirts are so easy to wear! They go with near enough anything..
    Love how H&M's are proper cheap too!

  8. Love those skirts! :)

    I wish you a happy day! :)


  9. great blog! xox

  10. I bought a beautiful blue one at Bershka few weeks ago in sale, I use the ones from H&M (like those you have from Topshop) to wear under a dress or skirt in the winter :)

  11. I wish I looked good in a bodycon!

  12. I absolutely love body con skirts but I always feel really self concious in them because they are tight on the tummy! Hannah xx


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