Orly Spritz Dry

28 August 2011

I had my pedicure done today and soon realised I wanted to blog to tell you about an item my beauty therapist mum swears by, and so do I! I've seen a couple of iffy reviews about it, but as with all make-up and cosmetics, it's all different for every person so thought I'd share it with you in case you're interested. The item is Spritz Dry by Orly.

Spritz Dry is a formula which dries freshly painted nails super quickly. It contains vitamin E and a blend of oils to condition skin, but it doesn't leave any oily residue which is great. The solution is clear and comes in a spray bottle which is great after you've used your top coat etc, as you just give it a quick spray from a couple of inches away and you're done. The smell is lovely and fresh..sort of a mix between nail polish remover and botanical oils which I love. 

You can buy Orly Spritz Dry from Salons Direct here at £5.70 for 120mls. It lasts ages so it's good value for money.

Last but not least, here is a quick photo of my latest colour. The colour is 'My Chihuahua Bites' from OPI and it's one of my favourites. Apologies for my feet!

-Tamsin xxx

Viva La Juicy!

27 August 2011

It's common knowledge that I am a complete Juicy Couture girl. Many people associate Juicy with their tracksuits, but they are so much more than tracksuits. You only have to check out their website to see what I'm talking about or pop down to one of their stores. Much like my last post with Boux Avenue, Juicy Couture are all about making the customer feel number one, which is what every customer should feel. Anyhow, I popped to Juicy Couture the other day and couldn't resist a new purse for the Winter (my Burberry purse is going into hibernation for a few months!)

I usually am a lover of big purses but this one holds so much that it's perfect for any handbag. With the grey, pink and diamantes, I couldn't resist. Perfect for the Winter I think! I have yet to fill it with all my various bits and bobs but I can't wait to use it. Juicy purses are always good value for money. I think purses are similar to shoes - spend more and they will take you further. Juicy purses definitely do this and I will always have one in my collection!

Hope you're having a great Saturday, and don't forget to check out my giveaway - it ends on Wednesday!

-Tamsin xxx

Putting the 'oooh' in 'Boux'

26 August 2011

About 3 weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win a giftcard from my favourite lingerie and nightwear shop - Boux Avenue. Today, my mum came running into my room with the box I'd been waiting for, so here's what I found inside!

 Boux Avenue cardboard box

Boux Avenue signature box inside

Look at my little congratulations card!

Have you ever seen such beautiful packing for a giftcard?!

My giftcard!

I think that is what you call a fabulous prize! The packing, detail, scented petals, congratulations card and the individual box the giftcard comes in is just exquisite and really shows Boux Avenue for what sort of company it is. But first, a little information on the company for those who may not know of it.. 

Boux Avenue are a new outlook at lingerie, nightwear and swimwear. We all know how annoying it is in La Senza, House of Fraser or whatever to try and find your bra size, all the hangers get tangled, they fall on the floor, and then your size isn't even there! Boux Avenue have a different approach. They hang a few samples up of a particular design of bra for example, and in chic and classy drawers below, they have all the sizes labelled, and you go into the drawer yourself and take your size out. What could be more practical AND fabulous?!

Boux Avenue really does focus on what the customer wants, and oh how successful this approach is. They won me over the first time I walked into the store and I wont buy lingerie from anywhere else now. Think romantic, chic and comfortable..yes those words can all be associated together, and this is Boux Avenue!

There are only 6 stores around the country at the moment: Lakeside, Bluewater, St Davids Cardiff, Trafford Centre, Meadowhall and Glasgow, but after seeing their packaging, who WOULDN'T want to order online! Website is www.bouxavenue.com - I suggest you get online and have a browse ladies!

-Tamsin xxx

Phil Smith - Hair Products

23 August 2011

As for all of us beauty lovers, a trip to any supermarket isn't complete without a quick browse up the beauty and hair aisles. Yesterday in Sainsbury's, I got crazy excited when I came across this amazing deal for some hair products, and I thought I'd share with everyone what I found in case anyone else is interested.

The products I came across were by an upcoming hair stylist called Phil Smith. Sainsbury's were doing a deal for 2 products for £4, and considering some of the products are just over £4 at £4.09, I thought this was a massive massive bargain and couldn't say no. I decided to go for a mixture of products so I could get an all round idea of Phil Smith and his products.

I decided to try the Shine Brilliance shampoo and the SOS Daily Defence conditioner. The Shine Brilliance shampoo claims to add shimmer and shine to your hair and contains proteins and vitamins to keep it gorgeous all day long. The SOS Daily Defence conditioner claims to restore and protect hair when styling by using meadowfoam seed oil. Each bottle is squeezy at the end and holds 250mls, so at £3.99 each, I think this is great value. I cannot wait to use these!

The other two products I got were the Super Straight Leave Me Sleek serum and the Dry Clean Shampoo. I picked up the dry shampoo instead of a mousse or hairspray as I am in love with Batiste and love what dry shampoo does. Like most dry shampoos, it claims to revitalise in between washes. This is the only product I've tried yet as I spritzed my hair with it this morning and I can say that I am very impressed. The smell is just divine, it really is, and you didn't have to use much for it to take effect. You get 75mls in these bottles. 

The Super Straight Leave Me Sleek serum is the usual size of most serums and I always wear serum after straightening my hair and swear by it. I am really looking forward to trying this product as I usually use a Pantene serum as I have for years and it will be nice to have a change. You get 50mls in this bottle, but serums always last a fairly long time.

The shampoo and conditioner retail at £3.99, the dry shampoo at £2.99 and the serum at £3.99. it all should have tallied at £14.96 so I made a saving of pretty much £7!!! As a starter offer, this was too good to say no to and I cannot wait to try all the products properly. I absolutely love the bright and pastel colours used and the bold labels, and it all seems very good value for money. The only thing I would love is the dry shampoo to be bigger (especially after the new big Batiste bottles) but if it works, I am happy to pay £2.99 for it each time.

I will post a review on each product fully after I've used them all. I am so excited about using these products and urge you to run out to Sainsbury's and try them yourself! At 2 for £4...how can you say no?!

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-Tamsin xxx

Review: MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation

20 August 2011

As you may know, my favourite foundation is Diorskin Forever, and I am still trying to get used to my new Lancome Teint Miracle foundation (which I reviewed last month). I have never been a massive fan of MAC foundations but thought I'd give this one a go. It's MAC Studio Sculpt SPF 15 Foundation in NC25.

Claims: A creamy, luxurious, gel-based foundation that provides medium buildable to high coverage with a natural satin finish. Hydrating, instantly revitalizes the skin while keeping it looking smooth, soft and plush. Long-wearing. Water-resistant.

First thing about this product is the packaging. It comes in a basic plastic tube, which I wouldn't usually associate with higher end products, but then again, it is what is inside the tube, and not the tube itself. However, the squeezable tube is very hygienic and means you don't squeeze out too much of the foundation, which is great news. 

When using this foundation, I found it was better to use my fingers and blend, rather than use my usual foundation brush. MAC says this is a 'gel-like foundation' and it's a really hard one to describe. It's definitely not fluid foundation, not at all a mousse, but not entirely gel like. It's much thicker than fluid formula and a lot more dry, something that a lot of people might like with a foundation. It blended really really well on my skin and did look natural. Another thing is that a little of this foundation goes a long long way. You don't need too much to give you coverage, which essentially could save you money.

One thing I really couldn't like about this foundation was the smell. I love how high-end foundations usually have a scent of perfume/freshness, unlike some of the high street brands. This foundation however, smelled strange..almost a mix of butterscotch, plastic and had a really fake smell? It's hard to describe, but it was the part of it I just couldn't get used to.

The coverage for this foundation was fantastic though. It lasts for hours which is great if you don't want to worry about touching up your make-up too often if you're out and about. At £23, if you're after a long lasting foundation which you don't have to worry about too much, I would recommend MAC Studio Sculpt. Plus it has the added bonus of being SPF15. Personally, I won't use this all that often as I really did find the smell hard to get used to (however this could just be me!) BUT as the coverage is so great and you only have to use a tiny bit, I think this could be a bit of a gem in my make-up collection for when I need it most!

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-Tamsin xxx

'Getting to know you'

12 August 2011

Hope you're all having a lovely week. 

Just a quick post to say that I'm being featured in on Cas' blog at Hair and Beautilicious today. She is doing a 'Getting to know you' guest post series while she's on holiday and today it's my turn! Go and check her blog out here

I'm back from my holiday tomorrow so will catch up with all your blogs then. Until then, here's a photo of my two Jack Russell Terriers sitting on a chair with my boyfriend and posing for the camera. I always miss them so much when I'm on holiday, and can't wait to see them! 

-Tamsin xxx

Bodycon Love

7 August 2011

Bodycon skirts are one of my favourite wardrobe items. I think I have about 8 different bodycon skits, but below are just a selection of my faves. Below I have a basic black, black and white striped and navy and tan striped.

Bodycon skirts are so popular I think, because they are genuinely so wearable. I've worn my black one for work with pretty shirts, or with baggy jumpers. I love wearing the b&w striped one with a bright pink tight Zara top, and the tan and navy one with a nude top and a cardy. You can totally mix and match them to suit your mood, and where you're going. What's even better, is that you know you can wear bodycon skirts in the winter with tights, leggings or on a night out with boots, or in the summer with some sandals and a baggy top etc. They are so, so wearable.

You don't have to look far to find bodycon skirts. H&M sell them incredibly cheaply for about usually £3.99....this isn't going to break anyones bank for a wearable everyday skirt. Topshop also sell a variety of bodycon skirts that suit people's fashion tastes. 

I've put together a few links that might interest you with various skirts, particularly bodycon skirts that are in the shops at the moment. 

New Look
Funky Divaa

Hope this has helped or given you a reason to go shopping! (Like you didn't have a reason already!) ;)

-Tamsin xxx

Holiday time

5 August 2011

Early tomorrow morning I'm off on my holidays! I'm currently waiting for my boyfriend to arrive at mine as he's now on leave for 2 weeks woohoo thank you Royal Navy! I'm a bit sad though because my whole family are away at the whole time, meaning my two dogs can't stay at my grandparents which they usually do when we're away, so they're off to the kennels soon. I can't drop them off because I cry too much. 

Anyhow, today is all about updating the iPod with music, packing the clothes and organising which makeup to take. Packing makeup is the hardest thing!! I'm always thinking, 'but what if I need that eyeshadow I never wear'. I'm just going to have to be ruthless I think.

I've scheduled a couple of posts while I'm away so please do comment. I'm without internet  (as I'm holidaying on a boat..sunbathing on deck yes please) but will have my trusty Blackberry so occasions. 

Remember to check out my 'The Sanctuary Spa Goodies' giveaway (on the giveaway link at the top or click here) and my new MAC Lipstick swatches page (link at the top).

Have a great week guys..for now it's just me, my passport and my wonderful Piiq Sony headphones (the cutest headphones you will ever see!)

-Tamsin xxx

Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel

2 August 2011

I was doing a bit of sorting for my holiday essentials today and came across my almost empty bottle of Banana Boat Aloe Vera Gel, and decided it was going to be my blog post today. 

Claims: 'Moisturises dry, rough and weathered skin. Aloe Vera Gel is known to help moisturise and soften skin that has been exposed to the elements (wind and sun)

Aloe Vera Gel by Banana Boat has been an essential of mine in our family since I was little. I remember always complaining that after sun was too creamy, especially after a hot day in the sun, and since then, aloe vera gel has always been in our suitcase. It comes in a fabulous big bottle holding 453g (although you can get a smaller bottle for 250g) and has a handy pump for easy use. It is meant to moisturise and soften skin exposed to the sun, and I can honestly tell you that it does just that. 

The great news is that it can be used for all skin types, so no worrying about if it might make you break out etc, as it wont. Plus, you can use it all year round as a moisturiser. However, I use this primarily as a summer product. Soothing is definitely the word for this gel. When the gel goes on, it doesn't melt or run, and rubs in very easily leaving no residue and isn't sticky - perfect! It contains pure Aloe Vera leaf juice and has a refreshing fragrance to the gel. In the Banana Boat aloe vera collection they also sell a spray gel and an aftersun lotion.

Top tip! - It is a fairly cold gel naturally, but we like to put the gel in the fridge in the summer so after a hot day you can cool down your skin (especially if you're big tanners like we are!) and it is absolutely gorgeous and cooling on the skin!

You can buy the large 453g gel bottle from boots for £8.16. It might not seem the cheapest of aftersun/gel but I cannot praise this gel enough. The bottle is HUGE and will easily do a family for a holiday, and you will come back with it half full. It lasts for ages and is well worth the money, and of course, well worth the soothing feel it leaves your skin in after a day in the sun.

I am certainly buying a new one tomorrow in time for my holiday this weekend!

-Tamsin xxx