Tommy Hilfiger - Hampshire High Boots

7 July 2011

In my eyes, every girl should have an expensive, well made, pair of boots. Yes they may be more money at the time, but they genuinely will look after you for years and years to come, and every penny spent is worth it. I am a massive buyer of Tommy Hilfiger, and scouring the website today I came across these beauties:

These gorgeous boots are the 'Hampshire High Boots'..and how gorgeous are they?! 100% leather and they come in two other colours (black and dark brown) - the colour shown is 'cognac and black'. Traditional riding boots are just perfect for the whole year. Paired with jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses they are a great match for any season, and are also a nice alternative to wellies at festivals (as long as it's not too muddy!) The detail in the cognac part of the boot is just stunning, with the stylistic badge, and of course the Tommy Hilfiger logo. I particularly love the wrap around detail from the buckle which continues round the inside of the boot, where the zip begins. The heel is around an inch high at the highest point, so it will give a bit of height for the people who may not like completely flat boots/not too tall boots. 

At £210, these boots are not cheap, but as I said, every penny spent on decent boots is worth it. I bought a pair of Russell and Bromley boots around 3 years ago for £250 and they have served me well and I have worn them to death, and they are in amazing condition. I have only had to re-heel them twice. The same would be for these boots. In the long run, it's much better than buying a pair from Primark and having to throw them away when the soles wear through or something similar. I just think the two-tone of these boots is gorgeous and can imagine pairing them with skinny jeans and a parka when walking the dogs on a nice autumn day.

These are definitely in my 'to buy' list, and they will be mine! For anyone else who likes Tommy Hilfiger, they have a fab sale on at the moment so either get down to a store or check the website - - There are some AMAZING bargains on there at the moment for summer..don't miss out!

Does anyone else have a pair of boots they spent a lot of money on and love to death like me? Let me know! If you don't, time to treat yourself ladies!

-Tamsin xxx


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  5. I'm a firm believer in paying more for good quality boots. These are absolutely gorgeous. I really fancy a pair of riding boots!

    M xx

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