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28 July 2011

I am fortunate enough to have my beautiful Mum as a beauty therapist and make-up artist. It has come in handy over the years and I have a lot to thank her for, especially my love of make-up and cosmetics. During the day she works at her private salon, but by night she is a mobile therapist, and I wanted to give you an insight to her nail polish storage, as a large majority of her clients want manicures and pedicures:

This my lovely ladies, is the OPI Nail Technician Case. Isn't it beautiful? It comes with two pull out trays which can hold 35 individual bottles of nail polish, which is a fair amount. Underneath these trays, there's space to keep the rest of your nail essentials such as nail files, moisturiser etc, or even more nail polishes. Generally, in the case right now are the polishes my mum uses weekly on clients (she has a lot more which I can probably show you another time) and these polishes are generally OPI, Orly and Jessica. Underneath, its pretty messy right now with a mish mash of all her usual products, but you can see how much it can store.

Personally, I just love this case. It looks smart, professional, yet girly with the hot pink lining. It's so easy to carry with the handles and has a longer strap if need be used. The case measurements are approx 12" x 10" x 9". Perfect for storing away under a bed or in a cupboard, but so easy to take with you, especially if you're a mobile therapist or similar.

The price for this case varies..some places sell it for £110 (my mum got it through her salon) but I have managed to locate it at QVC for a discount price of £64.56.

I know a lot of you love your nail polishes a lot, so hopefully this post may be useful for you if you're looking for gorgeous storage for your nail polish and mani/pedi items!


  1. Ooh, that's so nice! I want to lug around my nail polishes just so I have an excuse to buy one! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. this is too cute... I'd need at least 7 for all my polish bottles :)

  3. wow-this case is amazing! i don't have quite enough nail polish to warrant a case, but gosh, i may need to stock up on nail polish just so i can get this case! also, it is so awesome that your mom is a beauty expert! :)

  4. What a fantastic case! Thanks for the QVC link, have just ordered one as I figured it would double as an aromatherapy case! x

  5. @Emily - if it gives you a reason to buy it, get it!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    @Lucy - this is only for mums work polishes. She'd need so many to fit in her own polishes haha! x

    @Iheartme - thank you x

    @Leigh - thank you very much! :) x

    @Madame Gourmand - so glad I could help :) x

  6. This is great! i think i'd need 10 for my obsession for nail varnish! Great blog hun! xxx

  7. That's so cool, love it!

  8. Oooh this is great! Very helpful! I have over 50 nail polishes, it's safe to say I'm a tad obsessed...xx
    Sirens and Bells

  9. @MakeupBlogger - haha I think a lot of people would need a couple more! x

    @Meekay - thank you! x

    @Katy - there's nothing wrong with being obsessed with nail polish ;) xx

  10. I think i need one of these, its freaking amazing! :D :)

  11. I love this nail polish storage!! I want a same one! :)

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