Storage - cute & floral

25 July 2011

I don't know about you, but I like having a specific place to put everything. I'm moving in a months time and have been trying to focus on that so that I'm prepared and know that when I get to my new flat, I will have a place to put everything. This means furniture buying, which I am excited about. I particularly like pretty storage, such as little baskets to put your toiletries in etc. Today whilst in Tesco of all places I came across these baskets:

The white wicker has a real shabby chic look about it, and with the patterned pink floral material lining, it adds a Cath Kidston style to it as well. When I saw them, I immediately thought they would be perfect for either hair and beauty items, or perfect in the bathroom for hairspray and dry shampoo etc. These baskets came as a pair for £10 - what a bargain! They had other styles and sizes too, but I thought these were perfect for me. 

I've checked out some other cute storage that I would love, and maybe you will too.

2 - HND Cafe Coat Stand - John Lewis
3 - English Rose Hanging Tidy - Cath Kidston
5 - White Rosalind Storage Chest - Laura Ashley

Personally, I am after the cafe coat stand. Going to get it asap once I've moved in! Where do you get your storage from? How do you keep your room cute and tidy? In other news, check out the blog sale page..some things up for grab and also check out my current ebay items!

-Tamsin xxx


  1. Oh wow I love this!!! so cute :)

  2. I *need* some. These would be perfect for my ever over-flowing supplies of hair and body products. I will need to have a looksie in my local Tesco. And I love the idea of the coat stand!x

  3. lovely baskets i need some new ones as my fake tan exploded over my last ones xxxx

  4. @iheartmexoxo - thank you!

    @rachinald - thank you :)

    @princesselfy - get yourself to tesco girlie!! :) x

    @kirsty - ahh fake tan explosion! never good. these were a bargain so get yoursef down to tesco too :) xx

  5. Those baskets are SO cute!! Hopefully they'll have them in Tesco here, I want some!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  6. Oh they are lovely!!! Tesco trip tonight haha xx

  7. @Emily - if they don't have any let me know. Will send you some :) xxxxxxxxxxx

    @nyanzi - thank you v much!

    @Lucy - thank you! lots of people saying theyre off to tesco now! :D x

    @Shannon - thank you v much! :) X

  8. Those Laura Ashley boxes are really nice!

  9. I have a coat stand like that and I keep meaning to white-wash it! I love the floral lined baskets that you bought, so I might have a look for something similar today because I've been re-organizing my bedroom and I need things like that!
    Bel' xx

  10. i LOVE these baskets! Definitely popping to Tesco today and getting myself a pair! I'm moving in a month too so this will be perfect. :) xxx

  11. definitely gonna have to check my tesco for those - too cute! xx

  12. I know this is a really old post but it came up on the side and these boxes are what I've been looking for for my daughters bedroom! I hope Tesco still have them or something similar!

  13. They do still have them and I just ordered some so thanks for the tip! I have literally looked everywhere for baskets like these, never would have thought of Tesco. xx

  14. i have to get them baskets,good luck in your new flat! x


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