Rapunzel, Rapunzel..let down your hair

17 July 2011

I don't know about you but looking after your hair is incredibly important to me. In my eyes, having well conditioned hair means that you will always look presentable, even without make-up. I am always on the lookout for a favourite shampoo/conditioner and am always trying new things and reviewing them to see if I can find it. Here are two of my fave products:

Trevor Sorbie: Beautiful Blonde shampoo and conditioner
Looking after blonde hair is very important, especially any blonde that is dyed, or any dyed hair for that matter. I will stand by my words when I say that using a specific hair products for your colour hair is very important. They really do enrich the colours and keep the hair in top nick. These two products claim to enhance the blonde colours with added UV protection. The two I use are the warm golden blonde shampoo and the ice cool platinum conditioner. I like using the platinum conditioner as its very similar to a silver shampoo product and minimises brassy tones in blonde hair, and it does come out quite violet coloured. These products keep my hair soft and smooth, even without styling and the smell them is just divine. I do think that these help between your hairdressing appointments too, as we all hate roots! These two products are currently 2 for £6 in Boots. Each of the shampoo/conditioner is £5.10 so its pretty much buy one get one free. The same deal is on for the Beautiful Brunette products. These are definitely worth a try..I love them.

Lush - Daddy-O
Some people don't enjoy Lush, but I'm a big shopper there and love browsing through their items. Daddy-O has been a shampoo that I have kept returning to over the years, and it is because it has such a good mixture of things. Yes, the colour is bright purple but don't be scared of this. It claims on the front that it's a violet shampoo, and banishes the brassiness, and this is true. However, I use it because of the shine and softness it leaves your hair. Whenever I feel my hair needs a bit of a shine kick, Daddy-O is my choice of shampoo. It feels refreshed, bright and a bit more full of life than it did before. The smell of the shampoo is almost like the sweets, Parma Violets. Your hair will smell gorgeous the whole way through to the next wash. I would add that I don't use this everyday. This is more of an every so often product, which is why I only ever buy the smallest 100g bottle which is £4.75. The largest bottle is £15.50 for 500g which does seem expensive, but it will go a long long way.

I cannot stress how important I feel keeping your hair healthy is, and if anyone here recommends a shampoo/conditioner for me, blonde products or not, please do comment and tell me!

On a different note, look how cute my new sandals are! They were £25 from Miss Selfridge and the floral blue, with the tie up laces were just gorgeous. I could NOT say no. I'd say they were perfect for the lovely summer months we're having, IF we were having lovely summer months. What is this weather?! It's a joke. Can't wait to wear them on my holiday in 2 weeks! At least they will actually get some form of summer sun to flaunt them with, and nice painted toes!

Let me know your fave shampoos/conditioners and any recommendations. I'd love to hear them! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Remember, spoil yourselves...you only live once!

-Tamsin xxx


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