Calgel Nails

11 July 2011

Today has been a pamper day for me. Hair re-'blond'ed, nails done, and I'm about to fake tan, all in preparation for my graduation on Wednesday. With a mum as a beauty therapist, she is usually the one to do my nails, pedicures, waxing etc, but more recently I have gone back to using gels on my nails. A family friend does them for mates rates and I love them. She uses Calgel which is a semi permanent gel that can last up to 6 weeks, and I will stand by their word when they say that it doesn't damage your nails. I really don't like acrylic nails and urge anyone who uses acrylic to try Calgel gel nails..I guarantee you will see results instantly!

I wasn't sure whether to go for a bright colour, or a French polish as I often do, but opted for black. Black nails can often be quite daunting, but the glossiness of the Calgel black is just stunning.

I don't have any tips on my nails, but you can do. Don't you think the colour is just beautiful? The glossiness doesn't seem to show up so well on camera but it really is stunning. I just figured that nearly every girl would be wearing bright nail varnish and why don't I do something different (especially as I'm already wearing leopard print wedges!). 

I also decided that I would have the cute little diamantes on my ring fingers for a bit of glitz and glamour. They really catch the light and I love how they sparkle! I'm so happy with my nails and think they will be perfect for the occasion of graduation, and they will also last me a couple of weeks. Perfect.

Do any of you wear Calgel or something similar? Let me know if you do! My next post will be on Thursday after my graduation with lots of photos of the event. Thank you for all the support so far. It means a lot to me!

-Tamsin xxx


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