Storage - OPI Carrier

28 July 2011

I am fortunate enough to have my beautiful Mum as a beauty therapist and make-up artist. It has come in handy over the years and I have a lot to thank her for, especially my love of make-up and cosmetics. During the day she works at her private salon, but by night she is a mobile therapist, and I wanted to give you an insight to her nail polish storage, as a large majority of her clients want manicures and pedicures:

This my lovely ladies, is the OPI Nail Technician Case. Isn't it beautiful? It comes with two pull out trays which can hold 35 individual bottles of nail polish, which is a fair amount. Underneath these trays, there's space to keep the rest of your nail essentials such as nail files, moisturiser etc, or even more nail polishes. Generally, in the case right now are the polishes my mum uses weekly on clients (she has a lot more which I can probably show you another time) and these polishes are generally OPI, Orly and Jessica. Underneath, its pretty messy right now with a mish mash of all her usual products, but you can see how much it can store.

Personally, I just love this case. It looks smart, professional, yet girly with the hot pink lining. It's so easy to carry with the handles and has a longer strap if need be used. The case measurements are approx 12" x 10" x 9". Perfect for storing away under a bed or in a cupboard, but so easy to take with you, especially if you're a mobile therapist or similar.

The price for this case varies..some places sell it for £110 (my mum got it through her salon) but I have managed to locate it at QVC for a discount price of £64.56.

I know a lot of you love your nail polishes a lot, so hopefully this post may be useful for you if you're looking for gorgeous storage for your nail polish and mani/pedi items!

Review: Lancôme Teint Miracle foundation

27 July 2011

When in Selfridges last week, I ended up buying this foundation instead of my usual Diorskin Forever. The ladies on the Dior counter were nowhere to be found, so I figured I'd give Lancôme a go, as they were more involved with the customers etc. I went for Teint Miracle foundation. I have been wearing it for a week now and it is time to review the results.

Claims: Lancôme's first foundation that helps to recreate the aura of perfect looking skin. Instantly complexion appears flawless and luminous. Skin feels smoother, looks unified and is hydrated for up to 18 hours. Also SPF15.

The packaging of this foundation I feel is very elegant and beautiful. The glass is a lot skinnier and longer than some foundation bottles, and silver writing of the details frame the outside. The cap to the pump is plastic and very easy to get on and off. The pump is quite small but this is perfect as you only get enough as you would need out of one press of it. Compared to the other Lancôme liquid foundations, it appears a lot daintier and pretty, and I think the packaging is lovely and had no problems with it.

One pump of 010

Buffed into the skin

I had the woman on the counter match me up, which is so important when you're spending a lot on high end make-up. We went for the 010 which is the lightest shade called 'Beige Porcelain'. When she was matching me, she was explaining that this foundation is meant to make it look like you're not wearing foundation at all. Now I have quite olive skin which tans easily, and whilst it will suit skin tone beautifully in the Winter, I think this is slightly too light for me. My Diorskin Forever is quite a few shades darker and I usually like that a lot more. It does match my skin nicely, don't get me wrong, but personally for me, I like knowing I have some room for tanning. However, the shade is really beautiful.

The application was very easy. Earlier in the week, I applied it with my fingers as I wanted to examine the shade against my skin etc, but later in the week I applied it with my MAC 190 foundation brush, and it worked perfectly with that too. It glides onto the skin easily and stands true to the fact that you can hardly see you're wearing foundation, except the fact that your skin feels and looks flawless. The foundation is slightly fragranced and smells more florally than anything, which I quite like. 

I seriously apologise for you having to view my make-up less face. Hate seeing it myself! I look quite washed out at the moment as I've been down with illness, but, hopefully it shows the effects of the make-up. In the after pic, all I added was the foundation, some MAC loose powder, MAC mineral blusher and one coat of Collection 2000 Skyscraper mascara (after toning and moisturising). I'd usually add lipstick, some eyeshadow etc, but it gives you an idea. For me, it's slightly too pale for summer as I am a real usual tanner, but for the winter months, I think it will be perfect. Overall, I think this is a great foundation and Lancôme have done well in what they set to do, but next time I'd get a shade or two darker for my own personal preference.

It cost me £26 from Selfridges, London, and is on sale most Debenhams, House of Fraser etc for £26 also.

Does anyone else use Teint Miracle? Let me know!

-Tamsin xxx

Storage - cute & floral

25 July 2011

I don't know about you, but I like having a specific place to put everything. I'm moving in a months time and have been trying to focus on that so that I'm prepared and know that when I get to my new flat, I will have a place to put everything. This means furniture buying, which I am excited about. I particularly like pretty storage, such as little baskets to put your toiletries in etc. Today whilst in Tesco of all places I came across these baskets:

The white wicker has a real shabby chic look about it, and with the patterned pink floral material lining, it adds a Cath Kidston style to it as well. When I saw them, I immediately thought they would be perfect for either hair and beauty items, or perfect in the bathroom for hairspray and dry shampoo etc. These baskets came as a pair for £10 - what a bargain! They had other styles and sizes too, but I thought these were perfect for me. 

I've checked out some other cute storage that I would love, and maybe you will too.

2 - HND Cafe Coat Stand - John Lewis
3 - English Rose Hanging Tidy - Cath Kidston
5 - White Rosalind Storage Chest - Laura Ashley

Personally, I am after the cafe coat stand. Going to get it asap once I've moved in! Where do you get your storage from? How do you keep your room cute and tidy? In other news, check out the blog sale page..some things up for grab and also check out my current ebay items!

-Tamsin xxx

Bobbi Brown Metallic Long-Wear Cream Shadow

23 July 2011

You know what they say: one man's rubbish can be another man's treasure. This has certainly been true for me in the last couple of days. Fortunately for me, my mum is a beauty therapist and make-up artist, (hence my love for cosmetics) and I am always routing round her collections she keeps at home. Every month she usually passes on a product that she hasn't used, doesn't like or doesn't suit her skin tone - great news for me! The other day she passed on a couple of Estee Lauder skin products, a few MAC lipsticks and a Bobbi Brown cream eyeshadow, all hardly used. It is this eyeshadow that I want to review. I don't own any of the Bobbi Brown cream shadows so I was very excited about trying this. After trying however, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed. 

Metallic Cream Shadow in Mercury 11

Claims: lightweight formula goes on comfortably and leaves a soft, velvety finish. Stays colour true and crease-free all day.

The packaging is typically Bobbi Brown - classy, sleek and sophisticated whilst giving a modern touch. The glass square is a nice change to round pots we are used to with eyeshadows. You can see the shade of the shadow when the pot is tipped to the side. I generally have no complaints with the packaging. 

The shade of Mercury in the pot is very metallic (as you would expect from the metallic range) and very bright and silvery. It reminds me of the Bourjois eyeshadow in no25. I couldn't get the lighting right for the photo to the left so apologies for this, but it is an almost perfect photo of what it looks like.
I found the application of the shadow quite hard. The Bobbi Brown website says 'for sheer colour, use your fingers. For a dramatic look, use the Cream Shadow brush and apply two layers.' Now I don't have the specific Cream Shadow brush that Bobbi Brown recommend so at first I tried using just my fingers. The result was very sheer, and very subtle..mainly silver sparkles with a hint of grey-ish colour in some lights. On my other eye, applied it using a regular cream shadow brush I have. This seemed to be quite hard to use, and before I knew it, I could see it creasing in areas around my eyelid. I tried applying another layer and it just seemed to move the shadow around my eyelid even more. I tried swatching it on my hand to see how it came out and it came out a lot better on my hand:

Even in the above photo, I must have gone over that about 4 times to get the density of it. However, the swatch is still sitting on my hand at the moment and I have rubbed it and there it isn't smudging at all or getting transferred on my other finger, so this is a good sign.

At £16.50, I don't think I would run out and buy another one straight away, even though they do stock the metallic cream shadows in 12 colours. However, I do think I will use this and not let it go to waste. I want to try using this a topper to some evening make-up where greys and darks may be used, as I'm sure it would work quite nicely with that.

Has anyone else had similar issues with the application of the Bobbi Brown Metallic Cream Shadows? Please let me know! I'd love to hear the best way to apply them to get results.

To finish, I will leave you with a photo of me strutting down the road after my graduation ceremony last week...sporting my gorgeous leopard print shoes, Longchamp Le Pliage bag and obviously the fittest outfit you will ever see! I will do a graduation post next week I think.
The last 2 days have shown us some very tragic events in the world..remember - life is too short. Let the people you love know you love them.

-Tamsin xxx

Product Review: L'Oreal Visible Radiance Renewing Gel Toner

22 July 2011

I bought this product a couple of days ago in Superdrug just because it was by the paydesk and I thought, why not. It stood out among the other offers they had going and I hadn't tried a new toner in a while. What really interested me though was the fact it was a gel toner and not a liquid toner like most going on the market.

As seen in the above photo, this toner claims to smooth irregularities and even skin tone, help to remove complexion-dulling dead skin cells and diminish the appearance of pores, leaving the skin feeling fresh and radiant, skin texture looking refined and more even, and skin feeling smoother, softer and velvety.

The packaging comes in a translucent frosted type bottle with a snap lid. You can see how much of the gel is inside the bottle, and the lid is easy to open. The peach bottle and the blue and white lid give the product a feminine yet fresh approach. I have no complaints about the packaging in any way.

Use of the product is much like any other toner, and as it says on the bottle, you apply with cotton wool and wipe over your face gently. I really found that because this toner was a gel product and the formula is thicker, it doesn't soak through the cotton wool, which essentially means you should use less. In the long run, hopefully this would make it quite a good money saving product..always a bonus! The scent of the product is so lovely too. It's not over powering like some moisturisers/toners can be, and this has a nice balance of freshness and fragrance. 

The main thing I love about this product is the overall effect. It really does make your skin feel smoother, and especially using this in the morning before your moisturiser/foundation routine, I feel it keeps the skin in top condition for the whole day. My skin feels smoother, incredibly soft to touch, and seems to be a nice base for rest of my make-up products to go onto later. I don't have many open pores so cannot really comment on the diminishing of that as I'm already quite lucky with that aspect. 

I really do feel that this toner is a fantastic high street bargain. To me, the way my skin feels after using it makes it feel like it should be a fairly expensive product, when at full price it's £3.39 for 200mls. Now here's for the good news if you're interested: Superdrug are currently selling this product half price at £1.73!

So, if you're looking for a way to smooth your skin and make it feel incredibly soft without drying it out, I would definitely recommend this product. It won't break the bank and I think it's claims are pretty much true. I feel this was one of the best impulse beauty buys I have bought for a while. I'd love to hear your thoughts if you do try it!

-Tamsin xxx

Rapunzel, Rapunzel..let down your hair

17 July 2011

I don't know about you but looking after your hair is incredibly important to me. In my eyes, having well conditioned hair means that you will always look presentable, even without make-up. I am always on the lookout for a favourite shampoo/conditioner and am always trying new things and reviewing them to see if I can find it. Here are two of my fave products:

Trevor Sorbie: Beautiful Blonde shampoo and conditioner
Looking after blonde hair is very important, especially any blonde that is dyed, or any dyed hair for that matter. I will stand by my words when I say that using a specific hair products for your colour hair is very important. They really do enrich the colours and keep the hair in top nick. These two products claim to enhance the blonde colours with added UV protection. The two I use are the warm golden blonde shampoo and the ice cool platinum conditioner. I like using the platinum conditioner as its very similar to a silver shampoo product and minimises brassy tones in blonde hair, and it does come out quite violet coloured. These products keep my hair soft and smooth, even without styling and the smell them is just divine. I do think that these help between your hairdressing appointments too, as we all hate roots! These two products are currently 2 for £6 in Boots. Each of the shampoo/conditioner is £5.10 so its pretty much buy one get one free. The same deal is on for the Beautiful Brunette products. These are definitely worth a try..I love them.

Lush - Daddy-O
Some people don't enjoy Lush, but I'm a big shopper there and love browsing through their items. Daddy-O has been a shampoo that I have kept returning to over the years, and it is because it has such a good mixture of things. Yes, the colour is bright purple but don't be scared of this. It claims on the front that it's a violet shampoo, and banishes the brassiness, and this is true. However, I use it because of the shine and softness it leaves your hair. Whenever I feel my hair needs a bit of a shine kick, Daddy-O is my choice of shampoo. It feels refreshed, bright and a bit more full of life than it did before. The smell of the shampoo is almost like the sweets, Parma Violets. Your hair will smell gorgeous the whole way through to the next wash. I would add that I don't use this everyday. This is more of an every so often product, which is why I only ever buy the smallest 100g bottle which is £4.75. The largest bottle is £15.50 for 500g which does seem expensive, but it will go a long long way.

I cannot stress how important I feel keeping your hair healthy is, and if anyone here recommends a shampoo/conditioner for me, blonde products or not, please do comment and tell me!

On a different note, look how cute my new sandals are! They were £25 from Miss Selfridge and the floral blue, with the tie up laces were just gorgeous. I could NOT say no. I'd say they were perfect for the lovely summer months we're having, IF we were having lovely summer months. What is this weather?! It's a joke. Can't wait to wear them on my holiday in 2 weeks! At least they will actually get some form of summer sun to flaunt them with, and nice painted toes!

Let me know your fave shampoos/conditioners and any recommendations. I'd love to hear them! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. Remember, spoil only live once!

-Tamsin xxx

Calgel Nails

11 July 2011

Today has been a pamper day for me. Hair re-'blond'ed, nails done, and I'm about to fake tan, all in preparation for my graduation on Wednesday. With a mum as a beauty therapist, she is usually the one to do my nails, pedicures, waxing etc, but more recently I have gone back to using gels on my nails. A family friend does them for mates rates and I love them. She uses Calgel which is a semi permanent gel that can last up to 6 weeks, and I will stand by their word when they say that it doesn't damage your nails. I really don't like acrylic nails and urge anyone who uses acrylic to try Calgel gel nails..I guarantee you will see results instantly!

I wasn't sure whether to go for a bright colour, or a French polish as I often do, but opted for black. Black nails can often be quite daunting, but the glossiness of the Calgel black is just stunning.

I don't have any tips on my nails, but you can do. Don't you think the colour is just beautiful? The glossiness doesn't seem to show up so well on camera but it really is stunning. I just figured that nearly every girl would be wearing bright nail varnish and why don't I do something different (especially as I'm already wearing leopard print wedges!). 

I also decided that I would have the cute little diamantes on my ring fingers for a bit of glitz and glamour. They really catch the light and I love how they sparkle! I'm so happy with my nails and think they will be perfect for the occasion of graduation, and they will also last me a couple of weeks. Perfect.

Do any of you wear Calgel or something similar? Let me know if you do! My next post will be on Thursday after my graduation with lots of photos of the event. Thank you for all the support so far. It means a lot to me!

-Tamsin xxx

If the shoe it in every colour

9 July 2011

After not getting any shoes yesterday at Bluewater, I decided I was going to get up early this morning and pop to Lakeside to find some. Shoes I wanted and shoes I got! I'm not sure what is the average shoe size in the UK but I'm a size 4 and there never seems to be any size 4s, so I'm glad I was lucky today. Here's a look at what I got:

One of my main dilemmas with buying the shoes for graduation was the colour. I wasn't sure if there were actually any rules about wearing non-black shoes, because most people wear black anyway. This then gave me a reason to get two pairs! Any excuse ;) The black pair are from New Look and they were £15.99. I had my mind set on wedges as I am a massive wedge fan and knew I wanted the extra support on the day (in case of falling over..the idea is terrifying me!). New Look do these wedges in black, mink and beige, and I already have the mink as they are just so comfortable and are suede like material on the outside. This pair also has an added bit of detail on the front (which doesn't show up on camera) which is like a wrap-over effect. These shoes are also in wide-fit which just generally means they are slightly more comfortable. Perfect.

I then went to Zara and picked up these gorgeous leopard print wedges. Leopard print is one of my fave prints and can make the most simple outfit look glam, so I figured, if on the day I decide to wear these shoes, it will make a simple, fairly boring suit style outfit look completely gorgeous! The outside is actually a horse hair feel which is so fab, and I still get the height of the wedge. These were in the sale for £30 so am really happy with them!

On the way home I popped into Sainsbury's and caught my eye on this little bag of small Sheer Blonde by John Frieda. You get 50mls of the shampoo, conditioner and crystal hold hairspray and of course the see through bag which is great for taking away on holidays or at home generally, and it was £3.49. I couldn't say no and thought it would be great for when I go away on holiday in a couple of weeks time, for any toiletries or make up. They also had it in the brunette version for anyone interested.

In Sainsbury's, I also picked up a couple of DVD's as they're having a huge DVD sale with most things around £3 to £4, so picked up a couple of old school DVDs such as the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (perfect for lazy sundays in!) and a couple of others. Some great bargains to be had at the moment! Go spoil yourself!

-Tamsin xxx

Tommy Hilfiger - Hampshire High Boots

7 July 2011

In my eyes, every girl should have an expensive, well made, pair of boots. Yes they may be more money at the time, but they genuinely will look after you for years and years to come, and every penny spent is worth it. I am a massive buyer of Tommy Hilfiger, and scouring the website today I came across these beauties:

These gorgeous boots are the 'Hampshire High Boots'..and how gorgeous are they?! 100% leather and they come in two other colours (black and dark brown) - the colour shown is 'cognac and black'. Traditional riding boots are just perfect for the whole year. Paired with jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses they are a great match for any season, and are also a nice alternative to wellies at festivals (as long as it's not too muddy!) The detail in the cognac part of the boot is just stunning, with the stylistic badge, and of course the Tommy Hilfiger logo. I particularly love the wrap around detail from the buckle which continues round the inside of the boot, where the zip begins. The heel is around an inch high at the highest point, so it will give a bit of height for the people who may not like completely flat boots/not too tall boots. 

At £210, these boots are not cheap, but as I said, every penny spent on decent boots is worth it. I bought a pair of Russell and Bromley boots around 3 years ago for £250 and they have served me well and I have worn them to death, and they are in amazing condition. I have only had to re-heel them twice. The same would be for these boots. In the long run, it's much better than buying a pair from Primark and having to throw them away when the soles wear through or something similar. I just think the two-tone of these boots is gorgeous and can imagine pairing them with skinny jeans and a parka when walking the dogs on a nice autumn day.

These are definitely in my 'to buy' list, and they will be mine! For anyone else who likes Tommy Hilfiger, they have a fab sale on at the moment so either get down to a store or check the website - - There are some AMAZING bargains on there at the moment for summer..don't miss out!

Does anyone else have a pair of boots they spent a lot of money on and love to death like me? Let me know! If you don't, time to treat yourself ladies!

-Tamsin xxx