Batiste...buying you extra time

29 June 2011

I am not a current subscriber of Glossybox (although I do keep umming and ahhing) mainly because I wanted to see what the first few boxes were like out of curiosity. It appears from what I've seen that the June edition wasn't a favourite for a lot of you, with many of you very disappointed with the small bottle of Batiste dry shampoo. I just wanted to give my opinion on Batiste itself and why I would have been more than happy receiving the small bottle in this months Glossybox, had I subscribed.

Most of you will know what Batiste is, but for the possibility of those who don't, Batiste is a brand of dry shampoo that is available in most big brand chain stores such as Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Sainsbury's etc..and claims to refresh your hair in between washes. I first discovered Batiste in my first year of university, and as a music student, time was very limited with lots of rehearsals. I decided to give Batiste a go to see if it would help in between washes or if I had a busy day etc. Since I first tried Batiste, it has always been on my shopping list.

The directions on my current bottle say:

'Shake vigorously before before use. Keeping nozzle about 30cm from hair, spray into roots. Massage through with fingertips. Brush and style.'

Now, I have light blonde hair, so the coverage that Batiste gives you works very well for me. If you were to hold the bottle too close to your head, it would first appear very powdery and white, but held at the right distance, the coverage is perfect. I usually leave the solution in for a couple of minutes before working it in with my fingers, and then brush through.

I have seen many bad reviews on various blogs and youtube etc, but I genuinely feel that Batiste does what it says on the bottle. I'm going out tonight to a function, but nowhere important during the day, so instead of washing my hair too early, this morning I just spritzed it with Batiste and my hair feels clean, not at all oily and perfect for just getting on with daily chores.

If I had received Glossybox for this month, the mini bottle of Batiste which I've bought before when going on a trip or on holiday or something similar would have been perfect for handbags or travel bags. Having spent my whole childhood as a commuter through London, I know how horrible it is to be smart in uniform or going to a function, and the heat or pollution from London making your hair feel a bit greasy or lank as you get off public transport, and Batiste really does help to give it a bit of life at emergency times, and the small bottle is perfect for this!

Also, the range that Batiste offer is huge, and they currently have 13 different types of dry shampoo out (differences being fragrance, colours, shimmers etc) and are bringing out a new XXL volume range very very soon. At the price of between £1.99 - 3.99, I think Batiste is a real high street bargain that any person could benefit from. Use it right, and the results can be outstanding. Personally, Batiste has helped me so much in the mornings if I need to pop out quickly, or on holidays etc. I could never be without it!

For people who 'brush' Batiste off so quickly (excuse the pun), I urge you to maybe buy the mini bottle and try it and persevere with it. I certainly could not be without it!

-Tamsin xxx


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